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Nicole Guillemin

The essential human act of breaking bread and sharing good company is an experience that can't be underestimated.


I have always had a healthy appetite — food and the culture of dining intrigued me from a young age, and possibly like you, some of my most significant coming of age memories are centered in tasting new foods and enjoying special occasions with loved ones.

Born and raised in Vancouver, I have experienced much as both a cook and an avid gourmand. I began my culinary journey over 15 years ago, and after attending culinary school I transitioned into pastry for several years. I was also simultaneously being mentored in fine dining catering as well as taking my skills on the road to work seasonally for resorts as a pastry chef. Interspersed through these years was much travelling, and with that, still more eating and cooking.


Experiencing Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe, the Caribbean and South America all opened my eyes and palate even further to deepen my love of food and worldwide techniques.


After earning my red seal, I continued on to run a thriving catering company for five years as head chef, pioneering a wedding program. All while still increasing my knowledge of executing events of all styles, working directly with clients to bring their wedding dreams to life. During this time I began to work privately, consulting and leading functions and personalized events for individuals as the beginnings of my own business. 

Striking out on my own two feet was where I found my true passion and desire to be fully creative and serve. 

Working with people face-to-face and craft specialized events and dinners was what my heart and soul desired to discover next. Connecting with clients, helping them to actualize their visions for their special occasions, and to build experiences that amazed and highlighted the meaning of their gatherings was the gratifying work I felt called to. 

I am honored and privileged to be able to set a place at your table and to help bring your events to life with the perfect meal.

Chef Nicole, CEO Noble Egg Catering Co

Who I Work With

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

I believe in sourcing high quality, premium ingredients from local businesses that I believe in and want to support. These places are where I find inspiration as well as outstanding ingredients. Whenever possible, I build menus around seasonality and availability

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